StopLift offers a variety of loss prevention and operational improvement solutions. Utilizing patented computer vision technologies, our systems are custom-tailored for the checkout and point-of-sale.

ScanItAll™ Checkout Vision Suite

The ScanItAll Checkout Vision Suite is a collection of StopLift’s video analytics technologies applied to inventory shrinkage at the checkout. ScanItAll automatically analyzes video from checkouts every moment to detect inventory shrinkage visually, even when it leaves no data trail.

ScanItAll detects Sweethearting, Self-Checkout Loss, Basket-Based Loss, Operational Error, etc.

Enterprise Analytics

StopLift’s MIT roots in hard-core data analytics, scalable cloud infrastructure, and latest user interface design help turn all your complex data, from POS and elsewhere, into flexible easy-to-use actionable information.

Enterprise Analytics is an intuitive and powerful window into your data with customizable “plain English” queries, dynamic reporting, and millisecond-accurate POS-video synchronization. Enterprise Analytics turns your mounds of data into nuggets of insight.

Workflow Wizard

StopLift’s Workflow Wizard analyzes your cashiers’ performance on a weekly basis and provides you with the tools to train your cashiers specifically where they are having trouble. From speed and efficiency and accuracy and loss, Workflow Wizard catches it all and presents the retailer with opportunities to train cashiers and improve performance all around.

Video on Demand

Video on Demand allows retailers to view any transaction, time period, or camera from any store directly from the cloud. Managers can view cameras live, look up historical video to go along with transaction data and more. No more sifting through videos for hours, now our customers can find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily.