StopLift AI Loss Prevention Technology Used in Australian Checkouts

StopLift CEO Malay Kundu says that his scan avoidance technology is being used at manned and self-checkouts at retail stores, supermarkets and specialty stores throughout Australia. Up to one out of five items at the self-checkout are not scanned. Shoppers often leave expensive items in a reusable bag while scanning cheaper items. There are many other ways shoppers avoid scanning their purchases at the self-checkout.

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Michael Smith

I’ve had managers and franchise owners tell me they had to fire cashiers who have been employed 8-10 years, and were considered to be family and friends, who were caught […]

Mark Gaudette

This type of theft has been costing the retail industry about $13 billion a year and, before StopLift technology became available, there had been no way to detect it.

Doug Haworth

We calculated that we would achieve ROI within two months of implementation.

Stephen Thomas

With StopLift at our self-checkouts, it didn’t take long for word to get around to customers that we have a good security system.

Keith Holley

StopLift never sleeps.  It lets me sleep… It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Independent Grocer

Very few products deliver as advertised, but this one does!! As a StopLift customer, I can say that this is the best investment we have ever made for shrink control […]

Investigator report

The Checker then admitted to sweet-hearting/discounting numerous items via price checks, voids, store coupon, and without scanning the items to her husband…

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