AI on Video & POS Uncovers 50X Revenue Multiplier

The real goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in retailing is to uncover hidden gems of revenue multiplication in the data that retailers already possess. The largest treasure trove of such data is a retailer’s video footage, and the second largest source is its POS data. As it turns out, marrying the two data sources has uncovered a potential 20X to 50X revenue multiplier.

Artificial Intelligence technology, patented by StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, analyzes and compares security video and POS data to determine what occurs during each transaction at the retail or supermarket checkout and immediately distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent behavior.

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Tech Solutions: To Tag a Thief

Grocery Headquarters 10-17

No one wants to sit in a back room watching surveillance videos of the checkout to see if anyone is stealing.  And most stores don’t want to pay someone to do it.  Security people are looking for thieves in the aisles.  Malay Kundu, founder of StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, has technology that detects unscanned items at the checkout, where most of the shrink occurs.

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Retail security – video surveillance tackles the insider threat

Sadly for retailers, whatever their size, it is not just people coming into store intent on shoplifting or trying to sneak items through at the checkout that are causing costly shrinkage. In fact, some estimates suggest that nearly 40 percent of retail crime, by value, can be attributed to the workers themselves as they employ their insider knowledge to steal ever more lucrative items and even, in some cases, to collude with outside elements.

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Point Of Sale Technology Detects 1.75 MILLION Incidents Of Unscanned Items At Checkout

Shoplifting and insider theft has been around since before currency was invented.  For a number of years now Stoplift Checkout has been providing technology that detects when items are not scanned.  It’s a rather ingenious approach, combining overhead cameras and POS systems to make it happen, but we’ve written about it before and seen it in action, and it really works!

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StopLift’s Scan-It-All Solution Wins Award for ‘Innovative In-Store Surveillance’

Malay Kundu, Founder and CEO of StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, has received an award by Retail Fraud for “Innovative In-Store Surveillance” sponsored by Retail Risk in the UK. The award was presented at Retail Fraud Awards during Retail Risk’s international Loss Prevention conference. StopLift has been awarded over a dozen patents for ScanItAll, which detects non-scanned items at manned and self-checkout, the Achille’s heel of retailers and supermarkets and billions of dollars in shrink.

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