When No One Is Watching – Combating the potential of theft at the self-checkout, by Craig Guillot

Self-checkout offers a “built-in excuse” if an associate catches perpetrators in the act, says Malay Kundu, founder and CEO of checkout software platform StopLift.  His ScanItAll Self-Checkout AI technology uses artificial intelligence to analyze and compare point-of-sale video and data to clearly identify each retail transaction and spot fraudulent activity.

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AI on Video & POS Uncovers 50X Revenue Multiplier

The real goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in retailing is to uncover hidden gems of revenue multiplication in the data that retailers already possess. The largest treasure trove of such data is a retailer’s video footage, and the second largest source is its POS data. As it turns out, marrying the two data sources has uncovered a potential 20X to 50X revenue multiplier.

Artificial Intelligence technology, patented by StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, analyzes and compares security video and POS data to determine what occurs during each transaction at the retail or supermarket checkout and immediately distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent behavior.

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Tech Solutions: To Tag a Thief

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No one wants to sit in a back room watching surveillance videos of the checkout to see if anyone is stealing.  And most stores don’t want to pay someone to do it.  Security people are looking for thieves in the aisles.  Malay Kundu, founder of StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, has technology that detects unscanned items at the checkout, where most of the shrink occurs.

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