How Supermarkets Are Stopping Turkey Thieves

Turkey heists happen four times more often in November and December than the rest of the year combined. Malay Kundu, Founder of StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, explains how his software detects incidents of cashiers and customers passing turkeys through the checkout without scanning them. Inside Edition reporter Les Trent visits Vicente’s supermarket, Brockton, MA, where he passed a turkey through the checkout without scanning it – and gets caught!

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NCR Buys StopLift to Bolster POS Security by Natalie Gagliord

NCR said on Tuesday that it’s buying StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, makers of computer vision systems for retail point of sale. StopLift’s artificial intelligence technology detects unusual and possibly fraudulent behavior in self-checkout systems. NCR, a predominate maker of point-of-sale terminals, plans to integrate StopLift’s AI capabilities into its POS portfolio. StopLift’s artificial intelligence technology detects unusual and possibly fraudulent behavior in self-checkout systems.

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New Technology in Australian Supermarkets & Retailers Catches Would-be Thieves

Reporter Sophie Elsworth explores new technology being piloted in Australia, which can distinguish when a customer scans items incorrectly at the checkout.

The technology has been created by US company StopLift and has been in testing phase since starting late last year.

Chief Executive Officer Malay Kundu said it had so far “found a fair amount of theft and loss at both manned and self-checkout consistently across various locations in Australia.”

“Our algorithms are analysing that material continuously so it’s able to watch all of that video footage and compare that with transaction data,’’ he said.

The vision is monitored using artificial intelligence to catch out thieves.

Alerts are also sent to staff monitoring self-serve check-outs via a mobile device when customers are incorrectly scanning items or not scanning them at all.


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Talkin’ Turkey

The holidays are upon us which means fun, food, and shopping. A big item to buy at the supermarket is turkeys and a growing trend involves not buying them at all.

Sweethearting” is when a cashier sneaks a turkey through the checkout for a shopper without actually scanning the item.

StopLift is a company implementing new technology to stop this illegal activity.

Tara Jankway chatted with founder Malay Kundu about StopLift’s strategy to save the turkeys.

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From evolution to revolution with physical and cyber security solutions

One vendor has refined video analytics for retail outlets to the point where it can flag up specific behaviour around scan avoidance, at manned and self-checkout areas, with a high degree of accuracy. Interestingly, Malay Kundu, from StopLift Checkout Vision Systems – the leading player in this field – cut his teeth in facial recognition systems in airports and says that StopLift itself actually grew out of a Harvard Business School research study ‘Project StopLift’ on ‘Retail Loss Prevention’.

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