StopLift AI Loss Prevention Technology Used in Australian Checkouts

StopLift CEO Malay Kundu says that his scan avoidance technology is being used at manned and self-checkouts at retail stores, supermarkets and specialty stores throughout Australia. Up to one out of five items at the self-checkout are not scanned. Shoppers often leave expensive items in a reusable bag while scanning cheaper items. There are many other ways shoppers avoid scanning their purchases at the self-checkout.

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Talkin’ Turkey

The holidays are upon us which means fun, food, and shopping. A big item to buy at the supermarket is turkeys and a growing trend involves not buying them at all.

Sweethearting” is when a cashier sneaks a turkey through the checkout for a shopper without actually scanning the item.

StopLift is a company implementing new technology to stop this illegal activity.

Tara Jankway chatted with founder Malay Kundu about StopLift’s strategy to save the turkeys.

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Technology helps prevent grocery theft during holiday season

Many people will be picking up their Thanksgiving turkeys this weekend, but not everyone will be paying for them.

Grocery stores are about to see a big spike in turkey thefts. Stolen birds put a huge dent in the stores’ bottom lines. Grocers need to sell 50 turkeys to offset the cost of one theft, which is why many grocers are now investing in a new, high tech set of eyes.

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