Sweethearting Detection

When cashiers give away merchandise to a customer (friend, family, fellow employee) by the fake scan of merchandise by the cashier, the cashier is “sweethearting”. This is the most common form of employee theft, and ScanItAll™ is the first ever solution able to detect it.

ScanItAll™ alerts store management the very first time a cashier produces a loss, rather than months or even years down the road, significantly reducing inventory shrinkage, deterring future theft, and boosting profitability.

Sweethearting / Scan Avoidance Solutions

Self-Checkout Loss Detection

Retailers put in self-checkouts to reduce labor costs, but in the process also create a significant exposure from an inventory shrinkage perspective. StopLift has adapted its groundbreaking video analytics for cashier checkouts to be applied to self-checkouts as well. StopLift’s video analytics proactively monitor the self-checkouts to detect the various forms of theft specific to self-checkouts and alert store personnel accordingly.

Self-Checkout Loss Solutions

Basket-Based Loss Detection

Items left in a customer’s cart are often overlooked by the cashier. This type of shrink can be hard on a store’s margins, since a single basket-based loss is often a large and costly item. For a grocery or retail chain, a single loss per day per store can drive thousands of dollars of loss.

Without the need of any additional infrastructure, ScanItAll uses existing overhead cameras to immediately detect unscanned items left anywhere in the cart, whether Bottom-of-Basket (BOB), Middle-of-Basket (MOB) or Top-of-Basket (TOB).

Basket-Based Loss Solutions


ScanItAll Screenshots


StopLift's flagship, ScanItAll™, is a collection of StopLift’s video analytics technologies applied to inventory shrinkage at the checkout.  ScanItAll automatically analyzes video from checkouts every moment to detect inventory shrinkage visually, even when it leaves no data trail, including Sweethearting / Scan-Avoidance, Self-Checkout Loss, Basket-Based Loss, Operational Error, etc.
Enterprise Analytics screenshots

Enterprise Analytics

The future of exception reporting and data mining, Enterprise Analytics puts all of your data at your finger tips. Build custom queries with simple fill-in-the-blank forms and query your data to your heart's content. Find incidents any way you choose, view the video, and even export results to Excel. This is what exception reporting is supposed to be like: easy.
Workflow Wizard screenshots

Workflow Wizard

It's not enough to identify cashiers with performance issues - you have to train them to be better! StopLift's Workflow Wizard is designed for just that. Identify and track the training and progress of all of your cashiers over time, file incident reports, and even show them exactly how they can improve. Drastic results have been seem by companies using this system. Definitely ask for a demo!
Video On Demand screenshots

Video on Demand

View any transaction, time period, or camera in your store directly from the cloud. View your cameras live, look up historical video to go along with transaction data and more. No more sifting through videos for hours - find exactly what you're looking for quickly and easily with Video on Demand.


The interface is very user friendly. It is really as simple as what you see.

If someone clicked on it without knowing the system, it would be easy for them to maneuver their way around the system – to view the data and the footage.

Wouldn’t take someone long to funnel down and find an incident.

Jodi Clarke

Project Manager for Shrinkage and Security, Tesco

Within 2 minutes of sitting down, I’m working actionable hits.

Doug Haworth

Dir of LP Woods Supermarkets


Sweetheart of the Month

Every month, we take some of the best examples of checkout theft we catch and publish them in our Sweetheart of the Month video newsletter. See sweethearters at work in actual incidents detected by StopLift. Self-checkouts are no exception - we catch every type of theft at the register and you can see prime examples in our monthly newsletter.

View Actual Sweethearting Incidents

This Month:

Retailers BEWARE, Some Turkeys Gobbled for FREE…

Turkeys flew off the shelves of retailers all over the U.S. in November and some were even given out for FREE. Turkey thefts happen four times more often in November […]

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