Computer Vision

How it works

With roots in MIT’s artificial intelligence labs, StopLift Checkout Vision Systems has patented the only technology that successfully detects all forms of shrink at the checkout counter – whether it’s sweethearting, operational misses, basket-based loss, or cashier fraud. Prior to the development of ScanItAll™, sweethearting theft was impossible to detect – but not anymore.
StopLift is the leader in developing new, cutting-edge solutions that will boost retailers’ profitability.

ScanItAll works by automatically analyzing the video provided from retailers’ existing camera systems. By applying advanced computer vision algorithms to the existing camera feeds, the ScanItAll system can see and understand what is going on at the checkout. The system is capable of tracking every item that passes through the checkout lane. In doing so, ScanItAll associates those items within a transaction to the transactional data feed from the Point-of-Sale (POS) system. By comparing the data in the transaction feed with the items that the video analytics sees, the ScanItAll system is able to flag suspicious activity at the checkout.

The system is capable of understanding the full set of fraudulent behaviors, including sweethearting / scan-avoidance when a cashier covers up a bar code by hand or purposely misaligns the scanner and item such that it is not scanned. ScanItAll also detects self-checkout shrink, refund fraud, basket-based loss, operational error, and more.