The majority of grocery and retail loss occurs in plain sight at the checkout. StopLifts patented computer vision technology, ScanItAll™, visually determines what occurs during each and every checkout transaction to immediately identify:


  • Sweethearting Loss
  • Basket-based Loss
  • Self-Checkout Loss


For each item lost at the checkout, 50 more items need to be sold just to make up for the one that is unaccounted for.

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Sweethearting Detection

When cashiers give away merchandise to a customer (friend, family, fellow employee) by the fake scan of merchandise by the cashier, the cashier is sweethearting. This is the most common form of employee theft, and ScanItAll™ is the first ever solution able to detect it.


ScanItAll™ alerts store management the very first time a cashier produces a loss, rather than months or even years down the road, significantly reducing inventory shrinkage, deterring future theft, and boosting profitability.

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Basket-Based Loss Detection

Items left in a customer s cart are often overlooked by the cashier. This type of shrink is hard on a store s margins, since a single Bottom-of-Basket (BOB), Middle-of-Basket (MOB) or Top-of-Basket  (TOB) loss is often a large and costly item. For a grocery or retail chain, a single loss per day per store can drive thousands of dollars of loss.

Other MOB/BOB/TOB systems require costly upfront hardware costs and don't always prove ROI. ScanItAll™ uses existing CCTV hardware to immediately detect items left in the cart.

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Self-Checkout Loss Detection

When it comes to self-checkout systems, ScanItAll™ understands their unstable design and costly security limitations. StopLift’s loss prevention solution, ScanItAll™, uses video analytic technology to monitor all of your POS systems.


Don’t chance it all, ScanItAll™. Get paid for every item, at every checkout, every time.



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  • ScanItAll™
  • Sweethearting Detection
  • Basket-Based Loss Detection
  • Self-Checkout Loss Detection
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